Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering and Cosmo Cricket's The Boyfriend

I had the sweetest little curly redheaded, freckle faced girl bring this into the store this morning to share with me and with all of you. So important to remember this tragic day! I was blessed to have her come in this morning and remind me to take a moment to reflect!!

I have 13 posts with no comments. I'm wondering if anybody is reading this....Hmmmm. I know a lot of people don't blog here in South Dakota but it really is my greatest resource of getting my products and class info to you guys! So if your reading this...please let me know! Leave a comment and get your name into win the complete collections of The Boyfriend from Cosmo Cricket. I will draw a name from the comments posted on September 22!!

Another incredible line from Cosmo Cricket...The Boyfriend! It is the perfect back to school line for all your first day photos and works up some great cards, also!

Study Hall


Fitting In

Scan a tron

Drivers Ed

All reverse sides

Border strips about and elements below

Love this panel looking chipboard...

Funny rub ons

Ready Set Chipboard

Look what you can do with the spinner cards. This is such a great layout of my favorite little guy, Hayden! So cool! Angie did an awesome job!!!

So much fun!!


thestormyone said...

you are so amazingly talented!! i check out your blog all the time, however i have no idea to sign into a google acct. you are the BEST.

Michelle Tech said...

I read it!!! I know what you mean about all the work put into a blog and you wonder if locals are tuning in! I post EVERY day to mine and I have WAY more subscribers across the country and world than I do from here! You don't have to enter me in the drawing :-) Love seeing your projects!

Mrs. C said...

I LOVE the Remembering 9/11! I just see you all the time and of course I am always "chatting" with you! I love the music - especially this current one! I will try to stop by today. PS I had to find my password again! I'm such a dork!

Dan and Heather said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on the latest and greatest--I truly enjoy seeing the projects that you post! Unfortunately, I don't have much free time (I'm a mom (to a 9 month old--what bliss!), a teacher (the beginning of my 5th year--what a rewarding job), and a student (I'm finishing up my maters degree). I definitely look forward to when I'll have some free time again so I get back to scrapbooking/crafting/cardmaking. Please continue to post your thoughts! Thanks!

Michelle said...

Hi Cathy!

I do read this blog all the time. I had to find my password again!

I love your Christmas cards- so very cute.

I hope to come soon to Thursday class.
Michelle Baesler

Mrs. C said...

I love the New Moon countdown! Can't Wait!

Beth said...

Lots of inspiration here! I check it daily. I also love seeing the new stuff coming in...

Chelsea said...

Oh Oh I check your blog all the time for ideas and new product. It help get me in the store too (like I really need help huh?)

Tessa said...

I love that you put the New Moon countdown on your blog. My husband makes fun of me already, I didn't want a New Moon countdown on my blog!

ndcowgirl said...

I love the spinner. Not sure why they call it the Boyfriend collection or how the moosehead sticker plays into it all, but it's cute.

colleen said...

I love your store, read all your emails and will be bookmarking your blog (just got a new computer). Wish I could get to Rapid City more often!

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