Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OMGosh! I won the MME Blog Challenge 21!

Still in shock from Leah's phone call lastnight!  I can't believe I won this challenge!  So amazing!  Thanks My Mind's Eye for the challenge and your always incredible, inspiring product!


peytonsmom said...

hello? why does that surprise you? it rocks and I want to do this layout as a class-no matter the cost!

StayC said...

Ditto what Peytonsmom said!!! It is an amazing layout, do ROCK!! Congratulations!!

Tessa said...

You should have won all of them!

StayC said...

Okay...guess I'm not done commenting yet. LOL!
Cathy, I think this layout is pure geniuos! I have been looking and looking at it this morning and I just LOVE it! I love the colors, so comforting. I love how there is so much going on on the page, but my eye is drawn directly to the photo...then wanders to all the yummy, amazing embellishments. Just realized a minute ago that the flower in the lower left is a ZIPPER!! is truly a work of art. Congrats again, and thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

I agree - your layout is awesome! Congratulations!

Theresa Spry said...

WOW.... you are a winner. Congratulations!! Your work is always inspiring,colorific,
inventive and superior. Thanks for sharing and being a great trail

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