Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sledding Hill...Really?!?!

I wanted to share this with all of you back home in the Hills....this is what flatlanders call a sledding hill.
It is complete with rules!
Pretty sure that what I have sent my children down, back in Black Hills, would be classified as child abuse or attempted homicide.We took four wheelers, to get back up the hills we used to sled down.  Baird Park cracks me up...this is nothing more than a pile of dirt.  Keep in mind this is the biggest hill in the Aberdeen area for miles, other than the land fill!

 Alex looks so happy!  Totally impressed!
 And here we have a bit of goofing around, yes there is no snow, I wanted you to see it before there was any snow, so you could see just how small it is.  Maybe it will grow by extreme measures once all the snow comes. But seriously this can't be really considered a sledding hill!

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Tessa said...

I went to college in Fargo/Moorhead, just north east of you. I remember a similar experience. They rented out downhill skis in the student union and only hill you could use them on wasn't much bigger than that one. I thought it was hilarious too!

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