Friday, June 15, 2012

Inspiration Elevator Reveal

Welcome to our second Inspiration Elevator challenge. You may recall from last month`s challenge that the purpose of this challenge group was to take our scrapbooking to the next level; to stretch our creative process and to grow as artists by embracing challenges that make us think, work and grow. This month`s challenge was issued by the very talented Laura Whitaker. Here`s a sampling of what Laura asked us to do:

``For my challenge I wanted to get back to the root of scrapbooking a little bit, back to the preserving of memories; to encourage you to look at your photos a little more closely.  We all have cute photos of the sweet-faced children and beautiful family members, in our lives, that we can scrapbook.  But I want to challenge you to choose a photo that tells a story or evokes an emotion, something a little different than our children playing or family members posing.   We all have heard that a picture speaks a thousand words. Chose a photo that was taken from behind the subject, preferably one in which you cannot see their face.  Maybe you have chosen not to scrap a particular photo in past because you couldn’t see the subject’s face very well, this is the perfect time to use that photo. Then the story will be the focus and not the face.   Then tell the story that goes with the photo via your journaling.  This way when our families look back at this page years from now, they will truly be reminded of the moment.``

What an incredible challenge! My fellow group of artists have been working all month to create gorgeous and inspiring designs. Here`s the list of my IE friends and I hope you`ll pop by and see what they have created and perhaps take a moment to say a word or two.

Here is my take on the challenge!  I was so inspired by this photo of Kelly & Jay at the wedding last summer.  This photo evokes emotion for me, I know it is a perfect photo...maybe not quite what the challenge called for...but it speaks to me! It is inspired by a sketch from 
lets capture our memories for their Birthday Bash. It was challenge #8! 

I am not great at fact, I almost never journal.  I am a selfish scrapper, I create for me..for the enjoyment and for the art of it! So this really was a challenge for me..I will share with you what it says..hope you don't find it too

I ADORE this Girl!  She is simply one of the most Genuine, True & Amazing people in MY LIFE!
In this Special moment between her and Jay..I know that this girl will be okay...she has found the LOVE of her LIFE.  The hurt and uncertainty are over!
Nothing stops this AMAZING young woman. She is always STRIVING for more, always reaching and EXCEEDING her goals.

Love ya Kelly!


LisaM said...

Love your photo and what you did with it!

Laurel said...

Gorgeous photo and layout!

Ann Jobes said...

Your photo is perfect and I love the sincere journaling you put with it. What a bright, happy wedding page. Your colour palette is gorgeous!

Sue Sykes said...

Beautiful images, but the journaling RAWK the page! Love it!

Joanne said...

I love your layout! It is bright and happy and your journaling is perfect!
Joanne xo

Christa said...

Oh Cathy, this is a gorgeous photo. I love how you layered two identical shots and your tribute to this special woman is so meaningful. Thanks for sharing such a great design with us at IE. We are so lucky to have you!

Beeceecreativity said...

amazing design.. great techniques and use of photo is great .. congrats on a fabulous creation

Unknown said...

I can certainly see why this photo speaks to you, it draws emotions and says as much, if not more than a photo of their smiling faces would. Your journaling is so sweet and the layout is so pretty and fresh. Love all of your special details!

KrissyClarkMcKee said...

This layout is so wonderfully perfect! I love every single thing about it - even the sappy journaling!

Jennie Garcia said...

Your layouts are absolutely amazing!! You have an amazing eye for color!!
TFS!! Take Care!!
Jennnie @

Audrey Yeager said...

What an adorable photo! And I just love that you used a non traditional scheme for a wedding layout!! The colors are so bright and bold! I love it!

Lisa Spiegel said...

I love the fact that it's a wedding photo but you journaled about your relationship with the should journal more often, this is fantastic!

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