Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Exciting Stuff...First Publication!

So excited to share this with you!
I started submitting card for publication back in May! Finally got up the courage to give it a try..and low and behold CARDS magazine picked one up for the 
September 2012 issue!
Can't share the card with you..but it is on page 27!
I have long be a fan of Northridge publications....carried them in my store for thrilled to be published with them!
And very happy to say I have more to come in the upcoming months ahead!  Woo hoo!
Thanks Christine for encouraging me to submit and congrats on your precious new baby boy! And huge thank you to Angie for sending me a copy as no one carries them here in our little bitty town!


Jenny Evans said...


Laurel said...

That is awesome news!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

awesome girlfriend!!! congrats!!

Dara Lynn said...

Congratulations girlie!!!! Keep taking those leaps! :)

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