Friday, November 15, 2013

Inspiration Elevator Challenge...Back in Time

You may recall that the purpose of the Inspiration Elevator challenge group is to take our scrapbooking to the next level, to stretch our creative process and to mature as artists by embracing challenges that make us think, work and grow. You can view all of the challenges at the Inspiration Elevator Blog.

We are thrilled to welcome guest artist Misty Russell and her eclectic, artistic style to Inspiration Elevator this month.

 November's challenge comes from the very talented Joanne Burton. Here's the challenge she posed:

"November's Challenge: Back in Time.  I love looking through old photos (or not so old photos!) and remembering the great memories that go along with them. Some pictures evoke a strong emotional response while others just bring a sweet smile to our face as we recall the details of when it was taken. With that in mind, I would like each of you to pick a favourite photo and go back in time! I want you to take your photo and actually revisit the place where the photo was taken. Then take a 'picture of the picture' in it's original setting and scrapbook your new photo. **If you are absolutely not able to revisit the place where the photo was first taken, then pick a favorite picture with lots of memories attached to it and scrapbook that. 

In either case, I want you to journal the story behind your photo. Make your journaling and photo come together in such a way that we feel like we are back in time with you!"

I struggled with this challenge...had no idea what to do and no access to photos that I could go back in time I went a bit of a different direction.  I wanted to show the destruction of the gorgeous forest that I call home, so I dug and dug through tons of websites to find some before and after photos of the pine beetle destruction in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Took me forever to find photos and longer to get permission to use them.  They are not the greatest photos and you will have to click on the layout to see the devastation closely.  My heart breaks every time I that I return home.  It is truly devastating.
Journaling reads:
I grew up in the gorgeous Black Hills.  Mount Rushmore was literally 25 minutes from home.  The pine beetle destruction breaks my heart.  Even though it is a natural cycle of every forest it is gut wrenching to watch it be destroyed by a teenie tiny beetle bug.  Every time I return home a little more of my heart break as the cycle progresses.  The forest will never be the same breath taking place that I called home. So very sad!

 I hope you will stop by and see what the rest of the incredible Inspiration Elevator designers have created:

Guest Designer Misty Russell 

If you feel inspired to play along with our challenge this month, please share it using the linky tool on our Inspiration Elevator blog and/or our Inspiration Elevator Facebook page. We'd LOVE to see what you made!


Anonymous said...

It's a great layout. I love the composition of your design. It's sad to see the forest destroyed that way. Great job finding two photos of the same location in the Black Hills.

Sarah said...

awesome layout! Love the geo tag!

Ann Jobes said...

Your papers and colours are perfect and I like how you worked with 2 photos of different sizes. Such a sad story behind the layout - and so cool that you shared it and your heartbreak.

Joanne said...

Such an interesting subject for a layout and clearly something close to your heart. I love your photos and your personal journaling! The paper choice was perfect and the geo tag is brilliant! Great take on this month's challenge!
Joanne xo

Unknown said...

Fabulous job, it was definitely worth the challenge of acquiring these photos, your paired the journaling and products perfectly to tell your story.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So gorgeous!! I loveeeee the colors, the photos and the tree paper!!!

LisaM said...

Loving that tree paper, it's perfect for your story and journaling. Beautiful layout!

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