Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Doodlebug Just Takin' It Easy Chipboard Mini

These kits were designed from Arnie's Arts and Crafts.  I have 7 of them for sale. The books are 8x10.   If you would like one you can email me crafts@arnies.com or artplay2528@gmail.com.  They are 39.99 and come with everything in an awesome pizza box. Shipping will be about 10 dollars.    (I have a Disney one coming soon with Simple Stories Say Cheese.) It's too cute!

Doodlebug Just Takin' It Easy Directions!
Your kit comes with all the supplies, all you will need is adhesive, pop dots, glue dots, a stapler, a hole punch and a circle punch if you wish to do the notches.
First, find your two cover pieces....the fruit and dots.  Trim these pieces 10x12 and 2x12.  Fold the 10x12 in half so that you have a 10x6 rectangle and trim the 2x12 to 2x10.  This is the strip that goes on the edge.  You will need a 1/2 x 10 inch strip to cover seem.  Adhere your papers over the chipboard...starting from the right edge.  You need a front and back cover.

Trim the remaining 12x12 papers like this....cut to 6x12, 4x12 and 2x12.  These cuts use the complete 12x12 page.  Look through the post so you know what papers to use.  There is a page with 3x4 elements, don't cut that one.  

Fold your 6x12 piece so that it is 6x6 square, and the 4x12 fold so that it is a 4x6 rectangle.  Trim the 2x12 to 2x10.
You also need to cut several 1/2 inch x 10 inch strips from coordinating cardstock.  You will need 14 of these.  The rest of  your cardstock will be used for photo mats and such.
One page will have the 6 inch piece at top and 4 inch at bottom.  Rotate the design for your next page....so 4 inch at top and 6 inch at bottom.  

You can see here how to adhere your papers, the fold goes on the right edge.  The photos show how to alternate the folds.
Fold 6x12 paper in half (making them 6x6) with a fold.
Fold 4x12 paper in half (making the 4x6) with a fold.
Using your 8x10 chipboad adhere the 6x12 pattern paper working form bottom right corner of chipboard on both sides of the chipboard, then adhere folded 4x12 pattern paper to the chipboard on both sides.  Note: the right edge of your book will be covered with paper.  Alternate the sizes of pattern paper with the remainder of your chipboard pages.
(On the next page the top will be 4x12 and bottom 6x12, alternating this pattern throughout the book....except covers).

Next, adhere the 2x10 strips of cardstock to the left side of your chipboard pages.  You will need 14 of these.
Then adhere the 1/2x10 strips over the seam between the 2 inch strip and the two sections.
This will get your pages complete and then you can start creating all the fun bits and pieces as you choose.  When your book is complete punch 3 holes.  Start with the center hole then punch the other two about 1 1/2 inches from the top and bottom.  Use this as a template to punch the hold in the other pages.  Note:  your holes should be on the left side of your book.  DO NOT PUNCH THE HOLES TO CLOSE TO THE EDGE.  AT LEAST 1/2 INCH IN.  Then put the rings in holes and tie ribbon. 
You can ink the edges of your book with cat eyes, or paint the edges.  
The remaining photos show the pages and you are free to follow them or create your own.  For pockets, I glued on three sides and notched with a circle punch.  And for tabs that open, I scored in a 1/4 inch and adhered the edge to make a flap.
Have fun and just create!

I love this mini!  Have a blast and create to your heart's content!

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