Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 20 winner and new prize

Sandi is the winner of the Kaisercraft goodies! Congratulations to you and Happy Belated Anniversary! Great story, those mountains can be treacherous! Stop by next time you are in town to pick up your winnings!!!

Lori, do you think we need to start up donation for your therapy? Do you still have your Snoopy Snow Cone Machine? Maybe we should make a mini album dedicated to the Snoopy snow cone machine and Easy Bake Oven issues!!! More scrap supplies should help, paper is the perfect therapy!

I really don't have a question today! I need how about what should the next few questions be???

Today's Prize: Christmas Cards Magazine from Nothridge Media, it will give you a head start for next year!

I would love to have everyone who has won on the blog and on Facebook to stop by and pick up their winnings Tuesday or Wednesday. Please email me at if you need to make other arrangements. I have a stack of stuff that needs to be picked up. I will be closed from December 24 to January 2 to spend some time with my family. Reopening with an Inventory Blowout Sale. I will keep you posted with more details!


Peyton's Mom said...

I think the next question should be-what are you going to do different this year to actually accomplish your new years resolutions! I make really good ones but I dont make a plan!

thestormyone said...

thank you for the fun couple of weeks on the blog. i have enjoyed it. i think the question of the day should be: what is on your christmas list this year?? and then we just tell our husbands to go see cathy and she will get you hooked up...

me i want the NEW tim colors and the machine when it comes out. along with the dies and embossing folders.
i am kind of scared when my husband goes shopping for me. so it would be much easier for him to just go see cathy.

and for lori, i will send a donation for therapy.

thestormyone said...

and by the way, with you closing for a week, what am i supposed to do?? now i will need therapy

Theresa said...

1.Do you keep spare gifts for the suprise company? Some ideas for last minute gifts?
2.What do you do with your used
gift paper, tissue,boxes,bags and bows? Some creative Ideas??
3. How long do the decorations
hang out after the 25th?
4. How do you creatively unwind,
especially after the Holidays?
Time to hone those techniques,
chipboard? transparenties?
Thanks, for such fun and now
I can blog!!! blog'n girlies, it's been inspiring and real. Only 3days
to Santa and then a week to one more party!!! I need a rest!

Rea - Whitewood Library said...

Teresa has great questions.

jjholdaway said...

I think the next questions should be...
1) what is your favorite christmas song
2) what is your new years resolution
3) does your family have any tradions they do together for christmas/new years (we play games)

Debbie S said...

I posted earlier, but don't see it - so I'll try again.

Favorite Christmas carol
Do you make your cards and if so, how many
Do you put up outside lights

Leah Schwartz said...

What are your family tradtions??

Werid gifts that you gotten or have given at Christmas!!

What is your favorite thing to do on Christmas.

Our family tradtion is that Eddie always make oyster stew, even though only 2-3 people will eat

Phyllis said...

How about. . . .how many greeting cards do you actually give out in one year? Do you make several of one design or is every one of them a totally new creation?

The new years resolution idea is a good one too. So far the diet ones haven't been working so well for me so I think I should give up using plaid cardstock or something and then I might have a better success rate.

We should continue this blog after Christmas and share what our favorite gift of Christmas 2009 was.

Mary said...

Following this blog has been very entertaining. I haven't been able to get to the store between weather and overscheduling when I do get to Rapid. Looking forward to stopping by after the 2nd.

Anonymous said...

How many people attend your Christmas dinner? I remember counting almost 70 people at my Grandma's Thanksgiving once.

Michelle said...

What are you most excited for this Christmas? I can hardly wait for my family to arrive. I hope they can make and the storm isn't too bad!

Rhonda Wood said...

How about... What gets you in the Christmas spirt???

If you could get ONE gift what would it be?

Who do you most anticipated gift from?

Oddest gift you ever gave?

Most well received gift you ever gave?

Anonymous said...

My favorite music at Christmas Time. For me it would be Mannheim Steamroller. I think it is beautiful and I fell so happy and at peace when I listen to it. Thank you Cathy for the blog fun. It has been really interesting and funny. Thank you also for the really nice gifts we have been given from you. Merry Christmas!!! Nancy Schurger (hi Rhonda)

Anonymous said...

hi dear
will Snow Cone Machines
freeze the ice quickly than a ordinary refrigerator..

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