Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 22 winner and a new prize

Peyton's mom wins The Fancy Pants chipboard and rub ons. Lori is no stranger to chipboard, so I know she will create awesome projects will her prize! Congrats!

I would love for all of you to share your creations with me and all the wonderful blog followers. You can send me a picture (jpeg file) or stop by and I can take a photo for you! I'm sure everyone would love to see the results even if it takes a while for you to use your prize! Even those of you who have won magazines, I would love to see what idea you took from them!

Today's prize a package of Pink Paislee goodies! Papers, chipboard, and embellishments. Love their stuff! Always beautiful and they just have an edge about them. They definitely take things to the next level!

Today's question: How do you not get stressed out with the Holidays? How do you unwind? What's your secret?

I decided to take a day off early! I am home, enjoying the beautiful snow and frost. I will share some gorgeous photos of the frost, a little later. I just so need some time off! I look forward to spending the next few days with friends and family.
The store is closed from today until Saturday, January 2...when I will reopen for a Pre Inventory Sale. My husband and kids much prefer a huge sale to counting! Lots of new stuff on order, lots of great classes to come, and a few changes. CHA is right around the corner, tons of excitement in the industry as it tries to bounce back from not such a great year with the economy!


Debbie S said...

I take lots of walks and also enjoy the Christmas lights and music and try not to get so wrapped up in the "gift" thing. It really takes a lot of the pressure off when you don't focus on the gifts.

Cara said...

We took the stress out of the Holidays by not buying gifts for each other. Not even the kids. We still get things for their know we have to have some tradition. We instead make things for each other and we do charitable things for others. It makes the holidays alot less stressful! Have a nice break Cathy!


Peyton's Mom said...

GOOD FOR YOU! nobody should be out in this weather! well this year was the first in many that I did not get stressed- my secret is I tried really hard not to make everything perfect-just did what I had time to do and that is it-PERFECT!

Everyone have a great christmas and I cannot wait to see what changes there are in store for 2010

Anonymous said...

I defineately see a spa day in my future. Maybe a massage, maybe a pedicure....It's relaxing just thinking about it.

Michelle said...

I try to celebrate and enjoy Advent because Christmas is not until December 25th! I did not listen to Christmas music until a week and a half ago. We put our tree up a later this year. So, I do things slowly and simply!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

This year I'm not stressed. I think it is because all my children and grandchildren are here. I am the happiest when my husband and I have everyone together. I did take my two daughters to get pedicures yesterday and we love that. We woke during the night to no power and still don't have any as of 6pm. My men hooked up a generator and we are good for now. We do plan games, sing, read and watch movies during the holidays and we love being together. Enjoy your vacation Cathy and everyone else. Nancy Schurger

Tessa said...

I stopped by to see you today, all was dark!!
I try to do my Christmas shopping ALONE, it is much less stressful that way.
I also did not do quite as much this year. The house isn't decorated on the inside very much. I didn't drag out any of the Christmas bins with the ornaments and the stuff in them, that helped alot. We used Candy Canes and some homemade decorations on the tree. (At least there were Candy Canes for awhile, not anymore).
Canyon is shaking all of his presents right now. He is comparing sizes to video games and other toys he has in his room. He told me one makes a noise like "a duck with a tuba" when you shake it. Gotta smile!
Merry Christmas, my friend!!

Beth said...

I'm a list maker, so having everything spelled out and being able to cross it off when it's done helps me stay on track and stress-free!

Theresa said...

There is no such thing as a stress free holiday so I just have to go with it... This year all our kids, grandkids, pets( 4 sons,1 daughter, 2 in-law, 6 grandgoodies- 14 to 4)all came on the 18th
for my birthday and left this morning. We had a great time, we have lots of family and great friends. Most everyone(Kids) stayed with us, so lots of eatiing, cooking,shopping,DVDs
All went to the Rush,hocky game, played some new games and old. We did exchange gifts but they are all to be thrift finds, remade or made....
I recieved a ms Lifecam.
Not quite in that list. so the grandgoodies can see us live!!
Now I need a couple of days to recover, ha ha ha
Like that happens!
but towels washed and put away, beds done, vacccumed, only small mailer for found items...
We are ready for friends more family and dinner! Winter gets long and I love we have the weather to keep us snug and close!
Patti and I are making the list of things we need to do and learn to craft this year!
I made about 800+ cards last year,
so always looking for someting new.....
That's how I relax ( oh.. and a tread mill)
Happiest of Holidays

Leah said...

I relax because everyone else wants to with the boy's so I just sit back and let them do it!! Cookies and a beer always help too. And maybe more then one Have a great break!!

Susan Hughes said...

I sing a lot :) I make a list and just check my list off doing one thing at a time! I keep myself surround by friends and family and remember it is all about the gift God has blessed us with - his only son!
PS Well ok I come to the Playground and play - that helps a ton.

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