Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 3 winner!!!!

Chelsea is today's winner! Big Valentine Fan that she is!!!
She wins Cloud 9 Valentine Embellishments!

Today's question: Which do you prefer flowers, chocolates, or both?!?!?!

Both! Throw in a diamond, too!


Michelle said...

I really love both - all year long!

Linda Woerth said...

Chocolate is on the top of the list for me. Ever had Chubby Chipmonks Chocolate from Deadwood? Soooo good. Flowers and Bling are nice too.

Anonymous said...

Flowers hands down.
Or, jewelry, if I had to take it. LOL.
But, a card at least.
This year I actually asked for a new watch.

Chelsea said...

WOO HOO, Thanks! And I say flowers cuz chocolates only make me chubbier! LOL

Leah Schwartz said...

I would say that I love chocolate all year round. I don't get flowers that offen, cause when it gets to be time to buy outside flowers I go crazy, and Chris tells me that I use up my flower credit :)

jmliverm said...

Even though I love chocolate, you can buy that any time and flowers end up dead. So I would have to say jewelry.
Mary Livermont

Jan said...

I perfer both but will take anything he gives me.

thestormyone said...

HELLO this is a NO BRAINER for me! I want them ALL! Only good chocolate, flowers are expensive and die, and DIAMONDS last FOREVER!!! unfortunately, i would say that the diamonds are out of the budget, so a gift card to the PLAYGROUND would be my choice!!!

Anonymous said...

yep. a Playground Gift Certificate is way bettern than chocolates! And way more fun than flowers!

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