Thursday, August 18, 2011

Two new residents

Okay, I guess we are the new residents here and maybe these guys have been here longer.  Every morning when I take the dogs out, these two little creatures are in the flower bed!

This one I  have named Franklin and he is bad news for the dogs, if the were to get hold of him they would be instantly sick from his toxins.  They seem to know this and just make him hop around until he finally escapes them.  Interesting little guy, this morning at 4 a.m, it was around 50 degrees and he was just sitting on the patio...wouldn't move.  The dogs tried to get him to jump and I tapped him with my toe...just sat there...cold blooded little guy, I guess.

 And this is Bash, the super frog.  Super cute and every time he jumps, Sam springs along side him.  Hilarious!  Wish I could get a picture of it...but happens super fast and I can never tell when he is going to spring in to action.  Sometimes he just prefers to play dead, putting his little front legs over his eyes.  Figures if he can't see the dogs, they can't see him???

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