Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sam's Adventure

This is Sam's froggie least that's what she thinks.

 This is the two of them having a hopping good time!
 Now, they both seem to be taking a little break from the action...
 Next hop, he flips over and appears to have kicked the bucket...Sam is upset, Maxenzi is upset, I am upset and Steve assures me there are plenty of more frogs on our property and the world.  Sam is whimpering and looking at us like...I am so sorry!  5 minutes go by..we watch him and decide on funeral arrangements...
 Steve starts to pick him up and Froggie jumps back up, flips over and he appears as though he is just a little faker.  Seriously he laid there for 5 minutes, couldn't see a heart beat...nothing.  All in a day's adventure for Sam!
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Vicki Chrisman said...


Peytonsmom said...

I was thinking Sam was your daughter! Lol

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