Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Very Special Request

I have a very special request to ask of all of my former wonderful customers and very generous friends.  A fellow scrapper in the Black Hills has lost her home and all of her scrappy supplies due to fire that happened a little over a week ago.  She is a dear friend of Chelsea's and my heart goes out to her.  I can't imagine the pain and loss, and I would be lost with out my scrap room and supplies!

Chelsea shared this adorable picture of Louis, he is two!  So very thankful no one was hurt.  We need to to get her some scrap supplies so she can begin preserving this adorable little guy's memories again!

Stacy, at the Playground has offered to collect supplies for her.  All you have to do is drop them off and she will make sure Chelsea gets them.  New or gently used, whatever you have in that amazing stash of yours! Baby Boy, Little Boy, Holidays and anything else you can think of that a scrapper needs.
Anything you could do would be greatly appreciated!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Since I am not in your state ... can I mail some to her? I would love to help ... let me know ... :)

Dara Lynn said...

I'm with Julie...I would love to help her and would be willing to mail supplies -

monsterbari said...

How can we get supplies to her? I have a lot of baby stuff to purge

Lisa Beeman said...

I have been cleaning and reorganizing my craft room and have a lot of things to give away. I live in AZ so can I ship some things to she still accepting craft supplies? Please e mail me and let me know. :)

Thank You! :)

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