Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday Night Ladies Night Little Yellow Bicycle Mini Flip Album

Come join the fun on Thursday's Ladies Night at the Playground. January 22, Thursday at 6:00 pm. Cost is $8.00, scissors and adhesive required. Call 721-7529 to reserve your spot.

This a fun little project from Little Yellow becoming a new leader in the industry. It's just a fun, simple, Valentine's Day inspired mini album. Perfect way to start your Valentine's Day paper crafting. Come relax, meet new people, and enjoy a little pizza. You can't wrong and Thursday Night's are just too much fun!!!

Some 12x12 from the same LYB's Love Letters Line!!!!

1 comment :

Unknown said...

I have to say I like your taste in music, Cathy Harper!

I always enjoy your creative notes and showing the various projects and supplies. Very, very helpful!


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