Sunday, May 25, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

While surfing thru Two Peas in a Bucket today, I came across this cute idea and poem for a teacher appreciation gift. Thought you guys might enjoy it and come up with some cute ways to make it for your little one's teachers, since it's the last week of school. Can you believe it? This year has just flown by.

Credit goes to

Okay, it might cost you a fortune in candy bars, but it's just too cute to pass up!

Throughout the school year you have been a LIFESAVER,
And that's nothing to SNICKER about,
You've had to deal with TWIX from students acting like 3 Musketeers
but you have always RIESEN to the occasion.
Although there were many days you thought you'd lost your SKITTLES
or felt like an AIRHEAD with all you had to do
And the accidents caused by your butterfingers
I’m sure were good n plenty
So while the PAYDAYS are probably not 100 GRAND
its time for you to TAKE 5 and rest your WHATCHAMACALLIT.
Thank you for all you do And whether you go
across the country and down to 5th avenue
We hope your summer is EXTRA special

Send us a photo of what you come up with, love to see your creativity. Just thought it sounded like a cute project...have fun with it!
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