Friday, June 12, 2009

More on Twilight

Okay, if you haven't picked a team for Twilight, yet!, You might want to check out the links below!! I am so Team Edward!!
Thanks to Jennifer for sharing these with me! Love it! You have to try this challenge out! Scrap a page about Twilight! It'll be fun! It'll be just for you!


cheryls said...

They are all so young I feel like a voyeur...BTW the wolves need some chest hair (I'm just saying)

Tessa said...

LOL Cheryl. I just about had soda coming out my nose!

Mrs. C said...

Is that the same Jacob? No Way! I like to look at these young guys ~ and I'm okay without all the chest hair! I can't wait till the movie! PS I couldn't pull up the first link - could anyone else!

cheryls said...

Anyone able to find a photo with decent resolution to download for use on a SB page? If so wanna post a link or email it to me?

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