Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meet Moses and the new Magazines

Meet Moses...he's a 7 week old Bull Mastiff puppy! Cutest thing I've ever seen!! He belongs to my brother and his wife! I was thrilled to see them, but when they introduced me to Moses, I was smitten for the whole day! Next time I see him....I'm sure I will say Holy Moses...he should way between 125 and 150 pounds!!
Thew new Magazines are here full of creative, fun ideas for the holidays!
They have done an amazing job on all three of them! Very Inspirational!!

Gorgeous Ideas!!!

Tons and tons or great layouts and ideas!!!


thestormyone said...

these magazines look awesome

colleen said...

We'll be waiting for a card with a bull dog motif on it! He IS cute! :) So are the covers of the new magazines!