Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Greeting from CHA in Chicago!

I know I promised to update my blog from Chicago, but our 5 star hotel charges more than you can possibly believe for Internet access, totally unbelievable. So, for today for the very first time I have been able to use the computers here at the Westin.
I have been busy, learning, playing and just having a great time. Walked Magnificent Mile, went to the top of the John Hancock building, checked out the filming of the new Transformers 3, went to Navy Pier, took a cruise and most fun of all the subway. Lol! I will never ever forget that.
Class with Claudine Hellmuth.....amazing. Tons and tons of fun and creativity! Loved every minute of it. For those of you who don't know her work, she is a Ranger designer with the most wonderful line of paints, canvas, stamps and more. Can't get over how wonderful this class was.
Finally got to meet and hang out a bit with Vicki Chrisman. Friends for along time on the computer but to finally get to meet her and chat was so great. Crafty Secrets class was so awesome, the new stamp lines are beautiful and oh my..the Halloween is so stinkin' cute.

The show has been fun, exciting and busy. Overwhelmed with product and ideas at the moment. I have taken so many pictures and I can't wait to share the creativity with you.

The creativity here is inspiring and tremendously tugs at my heart to seriously create and take my art to the next level that my heart would be content. Can I make my heart content and keep the store????? Can you all take the journey to truly create with me so that it all makes my heart content? So that is the question at the moment....the answer....I'm not sure. Thoughts please. I have some opportunity's here so my heart is torn.

Now the ordering and waiting begins, I will share tons of photos the coming week with you!
And yes, there will be Tim photos...sorry, can't help myself and every time I turn around, there he is. I simply can't help myself not to snap photos!

See you soon, stock up at the sale....create.
Off to Ikea once again!


Peyton's Mom said...

YEAH!!! you might be following your creative heart! cant wait to see what we can do now!

Anonymous said...

I hope you can follow your heart,AND keep the store. Even if I didn't work for you, I'd miss the store. I've missed it now, since I've not been there everyday, lately.
And, of course have missed hanging with you.

Cara said...

I am up for some serious creative or not...(although were would I spend my paycheck) cant wait to see pics!

Vicki C said...

It was SO FUN to finally get to meet in person!!!