Saturday, August 14, 2010

I've got the Heebie Jeebies

I've got the WE R Heebie Jeebies...all of it just arrived! So much Halloween fun, I can hardly stand it. Tons of papers, stitched papers, glittered papers, die cut paper and lace punched paper, stamps, glitter lace, brads, tags and so much more. All of it is special edition and only available at independent scrapbook stores...yay for We R.

So to celebrate the arrival of my very favorite paper crafting holiday...I'm giving away the We r Heebie Jeebie Designer Scrapbook Pad. The pad has 12 designer papers with glitter, 36 designer papers, 1 die-cut sheet with glitter, 1 alphabet sticker sheet and 1 alphabet chipboard sheet with glitter.

All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog about what gives you the Heebie Jeebies!!!!
For me...snakes! I can't even hardly stand to type the word or even have to think about it! Creepy...heebie jeebie creatures!
Leave a comment on the blog or email me at and on Tuesday, I pick a winner using


Beth said...

Spiders! Doesn't matter if they are little or big, I don't like any of them!

Mary said...

As I get older, I find not much creeps me out anymore. The creepiest experience I ever had was reading Dracula. No place was safe.

Rhonda W said...

Spiders for SURE!!! I had one in my closet this morning!! Nothing like standing half naked trying to decide what to wear for work and get freaked out by a spider!! Needless to say the lil fella met his demise but, that's what he gets for being in MY house!! LOL

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