Thursday, July 28, 2011

What to say?

Today is coming to an end and I still am in shock and a little bit of denial that this is all coming to end here at the Playground.
I love this place and all of you so very much!
My life has been forever changed and blessed by this store and you!
It is where I create, where I am inspired and where I have met and become friends with so many incredible, talented women.  I have the most incredible customers and you have become my dearest friends.  You have been amazing and I have learned so much from all of you.
I love the comfortable space in the classroom where we have created, laughed and cried.  We have all gone through so much and learned  from one another. 
My Tuesday night crowds are my very dearest and closest friends...I adore everyone of you so very much and my Saturday classes are full of women who inspire and encourage me.

Saturday we celebrate the union of Kelly and Jay.  I am struck by how close and how much I love this girl who walked in to my store almost 4 years ago.  She was quiet, shy and it took me forever to get her to talk with me. 
Now on Saturday, Angie, Cara and I will help her celebrate her marriage to Jay and the union of their families. We have all been there though every step of this incredible journey and I am grateful for every bit which would not have been possible without this store. 
I have been truly blessed to have the very best of friends in all of you.  You would not believe how many of your phone numbers are in my phone.  Everyone of you has become so important to me and so important to the Playground.
I hope that it remains comfortable, inspiring and rewarding for all of you. It is not goodbye....I will always be right here on this very blog and you with always be right here in my heart.


Leah Schwartz said...

I miss you already! You are a great person and a wonderful friend! Thanks for everything you have taught and inspired me too do!

Vicki Chrisman said...

Certainly want to keep in touch with you Cathy! Wishing the best of everything for you friend!

Angie said...

Thanks, I am crying...... I too am amazed how many of my friends I met through that very store.. Thank you so much for always making us feel welcome. The back room was more than a scrap room... it was a comfort zone. we could talk, cry, laugh... it was all accepted.

Unknown said...

Oh Cathy, you are making me cry! I love you, your store, and our Tuesdays.......I know we'll always stay in touch. Good luck in Aberdeen - or better yet, DON'T GO!!!!! There's still time! :) You and your store rock.

Tamra said...

You will be so very missed had such a way of making people who came into your store so comfortable. Thank you for all the encouragement and help you gave me in completing my goal of starting a blog and being on a design have given me so much help and inspiration and answered questions so many times! I wish you the very best in your new ventures and will always follow your blog!!

Tessa said...

I will miss your talent and creativity.
I will miss just being abke to talk and gossip.
I will miss having somewhere to go when I need to get away.
I will miss the Tuesday night gathering of friends.
Most of all, I will miss you my friend.

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