Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monroe and the Silhouette

Monroe's very favorite spot to sleep is right by my Silhouette!  Not very helpful...she gets totally annoyed if I need to use it and I have to move her!
Yes, the Silhouette needs to find a new home!


Angie said...

well maybe you should move her little green bed somewhere else and she would find a new place she likes as well as here!!!! TOO Funny. I thought she was max's cat, why doesn't she go lay in her room!!!!

Tessa said...

I can think of a new place to put it, but it might be hard to use from my house!

Christa said...

He's a sweetie!

Sue Althouse said...

How sweet! Yes, that look she is giving you is definitely an "I'm not moving!" kind of glare. I get that all the time from my two cats.

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