Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Retreat pic's

Okay, thought I would share some of the Cedar Shore Scrappin' Ladies Retreat with you! They are all a bit embarrassing , but we had a great time! Good Times, Good Friends and Great Scrapping!
Here's Kara, in the red, winning the pajama contest! She was awesome and so much fun! She was the hit of the retreat! Too cute and too funny! Hands down, she one the contest! Cara and Kara, adorable! Try keeping those too names straight all weekend!
Sue, Desi, Angie, me and Joyce! We had such a great time with Joyce, Sue and Desi! Hilarious fun and hi jinks!

Angie, all comfy, in her snuggie and slippers!!

More of the Kara, she was a riot and even the bartender got in the act by handing her bottles of booze! Very fun!

Down the hatch!! (It was empty really, at least I think it was.)

We had so much fun, stayed up way too late, and just had a fantastic time! It was a weekend I will never forget and I hope some people forget all the things we did! We may never be invited back! LOL!! Tomorrow I will share photos of all of the layouts and cards that were created by my fabulous crew of Bullies!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it was empty. You drank it all!

Linda Woerth said...

You all look like you had a blast. Good for you........

Anonymous said...

How FUN! Such a Great Time. I can't wait til Scrappin' Ladies come to the Hills in October.