Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Resident?

Not so sure what I think about this guy.  Took the garbage out tonight, stepped on something, put the garbage in the can and thought "wow! that felt I even want to look?"
Sure enough, shouldn't have looked..I let out a little whimper and took off to grab my camera and have Max come take a look at my new find.  She was not impressed...and even less impressed when he tried to come in the garage.  Lots of screams and whimpers on her part.  By now he and I have made friends (sort of) and Maxenzi's screams and whimpers just make me giggle and happy.
"Mom, what's next?  An alligator?"
She cracks me up!
Country living up north is very interesting..not sure I'm impressed yet!

Franklin and Bash are still around daily along with another little toad, that has joined the crew..her name is Freida.
As for my salamander friend...not sure if I will give him a name and if I really want to see him again.


Chelsea said...

OK, now I thought you were staying in South Dakota, not moving to Arizona.

Anonymous said...


Rhonda Wood said...

Well, he certainly would have freaked me out!! lol

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