Thursday, March 27, 2008

Favorite Blog for Recipes

Just wanted to let you know that I added my favorite blog for some fabulous recipes. Make sure to check out the Pioneer Woman Cooks link. The Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich is awesome and make sure to check out the Apple Dumpling Recipe. Looks amazing!
I love this blog and the partner blog ...Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. She is a great photographer and has lots of tips of photo editing, plus some amazing photos of her life on the ranch. I'm totally addicted to both blogs ...thanks to Cheryl! She told me about the blogs and the recipes, and I adore both blogs. Not that any of these recipes are very healthy, but oh my gosh is it fun to read and drool over the food and the good lookin' cowboys. Yum! Thanks again Cheryl!

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Vicki Chrisman said...

I love her blog also! ( since we're having frozen pizza tonight.. maybe I should do more than just "read" the recipies?) lol

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