Monday, August 11, 2008


The Crafty Secrets order has arrived. Everyone has been patiently waiting...and it was definitely worth the wait. So much fun!
Blogger is giving me fits today with my photos, took forever to upload them and then they are all going all different bare with me.
Lots of fun stamps...some new and some that we reordered. Love 'em!!

The sewing set is so cool!! A brand new item from Crafty Secrets, Images and Journal Notes. These are perfect for card making. Great images...absolutely wonderful.
Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

These are so adorable!!!!

Oh my gosh, I love the Halloween designs! The stamps, the journal notes, the cotton scraps, stickers and cuts are all so cute. I can hardly wait to play!!!!

They are just the cutest things ever!!!!
More, more, more!!

Chipboard houses, little girl outfits and sweet little boy outfits!!!

We can hardly wait to start creating with all of these great items. Make sure to check out Vicki Chrisman's blog for lots of great ideas and stop by and check out their blog and gallery. So inspiring!

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Vicki Chrisman said...

Oh.. it's CS heaven! lol It was great to pop over and catch up on things here. I just took Cat to the airport a few hours ago.

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